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Pursuit of quality and individuality, comprehensive art and freedom

Shanghai GUDAO metal products co.,LTD. Is a collection of research,development,installation,production high-end aluminum category,guardrail products as one of the modern enterprise.Company with "the pursuit of quality and personality,comprehensive art and the idea of freedom,with"leading high-end industry trends.Shape the classical aesthetic artistic conception "as the goal.With all my heart to build solid series of personality and novel products.Company was founded in 2007,with independent innovation unceasingly,shaped door industry,guardrail tide front scenery,especially to meet the needs of the noble mood of the crowd every heart.

On select material is unique and elegant,making excellence,service is elegant and complied,and so on.Location are presented comprehensive enterprise.The consistency of product definition and fusion.


What is the feature cast aluminum door

Cast aluminum door refers to using modern high-tech technology, solid cast aluminum, the entire cast molding, produced a variety of villa door, garden door styles, because its not rust, do not fade, long service life characteristics, widely used at home and abroad.

The cast aluminum door is cast in solid aluminum casting, and it is finished at one time, so it is called the whole cast aluminum door. The surface adopts fluorocarbon coating and electrostatic powder coating, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, 100 years without rust...

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